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    Caregiver Training

    Our caregivers are trained and certified with our partner Aaxonn. Aaxonn is an approved Caregiver Training Provider under Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). Aaxonn has been actively conducting Home-based and Classroom-Based Caregiver Training for family caregivers and Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) caring for the elderly. All Aaxonn’s trainers are qualified nurses experienced in home-care and geriatric care.

    Skills & Certifications

    • Basic Caregiver Homecare Skills
    • Caring For Persons With Dementia
    • Stroke Management
    • Tracheostomy Suctioning And Oxygen Therapy
    • Wound Care
    • Basic Cardiac Life Support + AED
    • Basic First Aid CPR + AED
    • Home Eldercare Skills E-Learning
    • Specialised Caregiver Course
    • Self Care For Caregivers
    • Infant Care skills

    Courses at Aaxonn are designed to Equip trainees with the competencies and knowledge to deliver quality patient care proficiently through relevant skills application and patient’s needs basis. It will be conducted with strong emphasis on practical hands-on under simulated learning environments and these will be enhanced through theoretical teachings.

    These are designed by professional, experienced healthcare practitioners and educators who have accumulated more than 10 years of work experience in acute, tertiary healthcare settings. Each facilitator is specialised in their respective area of expertise, including but not limited to geriatric, general, specialised intensive care for acute & chronic patients. Each of them is actively involved in health awareness education, talks and training for Caregivers and professionals.

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